The corporation was formed on December 18, 2000 under the non profit laws of the State of New York. We were granted exempt status in April, 2001 under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. The association has over 200 former members of Marine Helicopter Squadron 361 along with retirees and community volunteers. The officers of the corporation are as follows:
Alan J. Weiss, President
Keith Cameron, Vice-President
Kermit Andrus, Treasurer



Marine Helicopter Squadron 361 (The Flying Tigers) was formed on February 25, 1952 and is still operational  today. The Flying Tigers were one of the first Marine Corps helicopter squadrons to be sent to Vietnam in 1963. The Flying Tigers are the second most decorated helicopter squadron in the United States Marine Corps, as well as the third oldest squadron.

  The Flying Tigers of HMR-361 participated in the Atomic Bomb Test "Operation Hardtack" in the spring of  1958.  The Sikorsky HRS-B (UH-34) helicopter participated in both the Mercury and Gemini Space programs during the 1960’s. The Flying Tigers served in Vietnam from 1963 to 1969 flying the Sikorsky UH-34 during  that time. There were 58,202 American men and women killed in Vietnam with an additional 303,704 personnel wounded. The primary missions for the Flying Tigers were resupply of troops, troop insertions and  medical evacuation services. Without the Flying Tigers unknown numbers of American soldiers would have lost their lives.

  Now, some 43 years later, we the members of the Flying Tigers are asking for the support of American businesses and of our fellow countrymen. The morals of service that were instilled in the members of 361 are still present, as evidenced by the dedication to this project. The primary goal of this project is for educational purposes. By bringing together the men who flew and worked on the Sikorsky UH-34 with today’s youth, the personal experiences can be combined with the living history embodied in the Sikorsky UH-34.


We finished the of restoration with the  help of the association members, retirees and community volunteers. We have flight  crews, mechanics, historians and retired teachers represented amongst many different professions. Most are Vietnam Veterans as well. This combination will allow us to develop an outstanding living history presentation


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